The Trails at Scottsdale III / IV Homeowner Association

Trails – Property Variance Requests

Any time a homeowner alters any aspect of the physical structure or color appearance of their property, our CC&R’s specify the homeowner may only begin that change or renovation after they have received an approved variance from the Architectural Control Committee.  (See CC&R’s, Article V, Section 1. Architectural Approval. (Architectural Control Committee henceforth  ACC.)

Homeowners save themselves time, the money of restorative rework, possible fines from The Trails, and in the most extreme cases legal action — by being observant of this simple step.

Legal precedent is very clear — people living in homeowner associations know they are living in homeowner associations, and know they are under the obligation of obtaining approval for proposed changes before making them.  So be smart.  Be proactive.  Get your approved variance request prior to making any property changes.

Note: No structures in the front of the home are allowed per CC&R's

NOTE: We try to review and complete variance requests within 5 days, some may take longer. 

Mail to:
Trails III/IV Homeowners Association
P.O. Box  3691
Scottsdale  Arizona   85271-3691
or email to:

Our CC&R’s provide for you how to appeal directly to the board of directors.  (CC&R’s, Article V, Section 4. Appeal.)  You can then have the satisfaction of knowing your case has received as wide and as fair a hearing as possible.