The Trails at Scottsdale III / IV Homeowner Association

The HOA handles what we can. A great resource is Scottsdale Code Enforcement. Do an online search and you can find them.

NOTE: THE HOA DOES NOT SUBMIT THESE on behalf of the homeowners, or otherwise.

You can fill out a request/complaint online for: 

Animals (Sanitation issue)        


Green Pool / Stagnant Water                

Improper Waste Disposal

Path, Trail or Sidewalk Obstructions               

Property Mainenance

Short-Term Rental - Complaint

Sign Violations

Unauthorized Parking  (Private Parking)

Violations (Other)

Short-Term Rentals are too noisy 

You can contact Scottsdale non-emergency at 480-312-5000. You can also contact Scottsdale Code Enforcement online and it only takes a few minutes.

My neighbors trees are dropping leaves in my yard.

Go over and talk to your neighbor about cutting their tree. You can also write a nice note with a picture if approaching them doesn't suit you.

Draining a pool.

Draining a swimming pool must be done in the sewer clean out. This is a 4 inch round metal cap with a screw in the top and it is outside. This is in accordance with City of Scottsdale water code. Pools should not be drained in the street. Please go to for more detailed information.

Barking dogs.

Always try to resolve this issue by talking to the neighbor first. (or send them a note)

Is the dog barking still continuing? The dog problem can be solved by using the Community Mediation Hotline (480-312-8255) according to the Code Enforcement staff. (CC&R's, Article X section 8)


 The CC&R's state: No structure of temporary character, trailer, basement, tent, shack, garage, barn or other outbuildings shall hereafter be used on any Lot at any time, either temporarily or permanently. (CC&R's Article X, Section 7) 

A neighbors fence is crumbling on my side.  Party walls.

Talk to your neighbor about over watering. With the age of these properties it might be from previous years of watering. This might just be normal aging that needs some stucco patch work. (CC&R's Article VI, and Article IX, Section 9 and several areas in the CC&R's)

Unsightly debris and WEEDS.

We conduct monthly inspections. The first letter is a warning and if there is a second letter, it will be a fine. If something continues to be missed, email the board at so it can be addressed. Fines can be applied to the homeowner. (CC&R's Article X Section 14)

Adding a shed.

‚ÄčA variance request must be completed and submitted to the board. The structure cannot be over 6 feet high, and cannot be seen from the street. (CC&R's Article X Section 7)

Paint. I want to paint my house.

A variance request must be completed. We want to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood. Generally the acceptable colors are browns, tans and beiges. Some homes have the original blues, grays or maroon. We don't want any black or orange garage doors. Fines can apply if not approved and in color compliance.  (CC&R's Article V, Section 1 & Article VIII Section 2 & 3)

When do I need a variance request?

A variance request should be completed when altering the exterior. The variance request form has: structural, driveway, paint, roof, patio cover, landscape, fence, and other. See the Architectural Control page. Fines can apply when doing something without approval and the work would need to be corrected. (CC&R's Article V, Section 1 & Article VIII Section 2 & 3)

Trash containers.

Trash containers must be pulled in the garage or the yard. Any containers left out is subject to fines. City guidelines say to remove trash bins out and in the same day.

(CC&R's Article X Section 14)