CONTACT The Trails

CONTACT The Trails

We have multiple means of being in touch with us …


…  is generally fastest …  (of course you know to use proper email protocol … we’ve changed the appearance slightly to thwart email harvest ‘bots.’

President [at]

Directors [at]

Voice Mail — 1-855-508-5500

Our Voice Mail line is now ‘high tech.’  Your incoming call, if not immediately answered, gets converted into a voice audio file and forwarded to our president’s email in-box.  Please be careful to state your name, your property address, and the best phone number and time to reach you.  Sometimes there are ‘burps’ in the electronic recording, so it’s helpful to repeat your contact info once again.   We will be in touch with you as soon as practical.

Standard Mail – USPS

Trails III/IV Homeowners Association
P.O. Box  3691
Scottsdale  Arizona   85271-3691
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