Trails Board of Directors

Trails Board of Directors

The Trails III/IV Board of Directors meets the third Tuesday of each month at the Granite Reef Adult Center, 1700 N. Granite Reef Road.

Board meetings are open to any homeowner.  Homeowners wishing to address the board should first indicate their intentions either by leaving a voice mail message at 1-855-508-5500, or by sending an email to Directors [at]  Be sure to give us your name, your address, and your reason for meeting with us. The meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month.

Current Board of Directors

Michelle Lightfoot, President

Wayne Parsons, Vice-President

Dick Lingle, Treasurer

Eileen Thier, Secretary

The Trails III/IV CC&R’s allows for as many as nine board members who must be homeowners within the association.  Based on the needs of the community the Board determines what committees are needed and appoints interested homeowners to serve as chairpersons.  A chairperson can either be a director or a homeowner.

Board of Director officers are elected by the Directors in their monthly meeting following the Annual Meeting.

Three openings currently exist within our board.  If you think you might be interested, come check us out at one of our monthly meetings, or write us at  … Directors [at]








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