12/17/2010 (6:45 pm)

December’s Trails Times has been mailed …

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Trails Times – December, 2010

Above is the link to the color .PDF

12/17/2010 (6:32 pm)

21 Homeowners Participated in This Year’s Yard Sale …

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Here are some sample pix …





12/17/2010 (6:22 pm)

Pictures from October 2010’s G.A.I.N. Event …

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About 45 neighbors and friends joined us for Trails' 2010 G.A.I.N. Party About 45 homeowners attended Trails’ 2010 G.A.I.N. Party in Apache Park.


Gain_3 Scottsdale Fire is always a HIT with Kidlets and their parents.

Gain_4 Homeowners check-in with Audrey Johnson, Neighborhood Watch Captain.

Gain_5 Retired Pratt & Whitney engineer Bern O’Halloran explains some finer points of slide rule calculations with Audrey Johnson.


Gain_8 Children were invited to wear their Halloween costumes.  Here’s a Verrry scary tiger!