12/31/2007 (11:03 am)

This Year’s Christmas Lights Winners

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Saturday Evening, December 22nd, the Trails 3 & 4 panel of judges (your board of directors, and their families and friends) toured the Christmas lights displays throughout The Trails. You will recall reading in the most recent Trails Newsletter, that we’re awarding $100 Lowe’s gift cards to the top three lights displays throughout Trails 3 & 4. Among the many great displays that caught our attention, we honor these:

1311 North 87th Place

These homeowners work hard to present a great display, year after year. We especially noticed the PowerPoint show on their garage door.

8728 East Portland Street

8703 East Portland Street

Like many homeowners, the folks at 8703 enjoy adding a few new items each year to their presentation.

We also wanted to show our ‘honorable mentions,’ but between two photographers, several of the images blurred. Tell you what — next year let’s all plan to get more lights and themes in our yards, and the judges’ photographers will bring along their tripods.

Congratulations again to this year’s winners, and to everyone who worked hard to put out a great display.