01/23/2013 (1:38 pm)

G.A.I.N. 2012 Was A Great Success!

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GAIN Crowd_01

More than 20 residents and families turned out for Trail’s 2012 G.A.I.N. breakfast, “Getting Arizonans Involved in Neighborhoods.”  Neighborhood Watch Captain Harry Ryons invited Scottsdale Police and Fire to drop by and visit.  It was a great time for homeowners to visit with and ask questions of first responders as they enjoyed a continental breakfast Saturday morning, October 27th.  Ryons, a retired Patrol Sgt from L.A.P.D, later addressed residents with tips and ideas on how to make their homes more resistant to break-ins, and how neighbors can more effectively watch out for each other.

See more pictures from G.A.I.N. 2012 …


12/17/2010 (6:22 pm)

Pictures from October 2010’s G.A.I.N. Event …

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About 45 neighbors and friends joined us for Trails' 2010 G.A.I.N. Party About 45 homeowners attended Trails’ 2010 G.A.I.N. Party in Apache Park.


Gain_3 Scottsdale Fire is always a HIT with Kidlets and their parents.

Gain_4 Homeowners check-in with Audrey Johnson, Neighborhood Watch Captain.

Gain_5 Retired Pratt & Whitney engineer Bern O’Halloran explains some finer points of slide rule calculations with Audrey Johnson.


Gain_8 Children were invited to wear their Halloween costumes.  Here’s a Verrry scary tiger!

02/19/2009 (8:06 pm)

Trails’ 2008 G.A.I.N. Party was a Great Success

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For the third consecutive year The Trails has participated in  Arizona’s “Getting Arizonans Involved in Neighborhoods” events.  Hundreds of such get-togethers took place on October 4th all across Arizona.  Some of the police and fire personnel said there were 17 other such events just in Scottsdale, south of Thomas Road.  Here are some of the pics from the event …

Sweet Petunia was one of the clowns on hand

Sweet Petunia was one of the clowns on hand

Great conversations, as neighbors met and visited ...
Great conversations among neighbors
Great food was present, and no one left hungry.

Great food was present, and no one left hungry.

One of our chefs handles an incoming take-out order

Food’s so great, one of our chefs fields a take-out order.

Scottsdale Fire always draws attention

Scottsdale Fire always draws attention

...and is always Hot with the kids

...and is always Hot with the kids

And Of Course we had a live band!

10/29/2007 (1:51 pm)

Pictures from our G.A.I.N Party

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Lots of good food was on hand …

Lots of Trails neighbors, too.

The party filled the cul-de-sac most of the evening.

Lots of new friendships were formed throughout The Trails

The face painting clowns were a hit!

The kids had fun checking-out the engine when Scottsdale Fire Department came around. Hard to know who enjoyed it more, the kids or the fire fighters.